Caring for Our ELEPHANTS...

Visitors to Elephant Whispers experience life-changing moments when they encounter the elephants, and the team work hard to translate this into an understanding of the need for long-term, sustainable wildlife preservation in general, and elephant conservation in particular.

Commit - Nurture - Respect

At the same time, they work closely with veterinarians, ecologists and scientists; conducting wildlife research projects; offering access to non-invasive training for domestic and international veterinary students; and providing learning experiences for game rangers and game trackers.

Visitors to the Centre learn about the extraordinary behaviour and physiology of the African elephant, observing first-hand how the elephants have developed trust in the kindness and care they receive from the team. There are deep bonds and there is great harmony.


  • Elephant Whispers respects the gentle nature of the elephant society.
  • The bilateral ‘ask-and-reward’ principle is applied when working with elephants; a technique that is based on mutual respect.
  • Methods that ‘break the spirit’ of any elephants are considered to be animal brutality at its very worst.
  • The elephants will not be trained to conduct undignified or theatrical performances.
  • The elephants are never chained and do not have their movement restricted.
  • The elephants have time to roam freely, feed and interact with each other. As such, they spend set limited time with guests.
  • Elephant Whispers will not breed with the elephants, to which end a six- monthly GNRH vaccine is administered to the male elephant.
  • Elephant Whispers is committed to keeping the elephants in their care safe, healthy and content.

Give someone special an unforgettable gift; the gift of joy, of belonging, and of sharing as they become part of their adopted elephant’s life for 12 months.

Adopt one, or more of the Elephant Whispers’ elephants for a minimum period of one year, and enjoy being part of their day-to-day lives.

Your gift includes a personalized adoption certificate, an elephant profile, regular updates on your special elephant, access to your elephant’s Facebook page, as well as a voucher for the adoptive parent and a friend to visit their elephant.

Your donation makes a meaningful contribution towards the elephant’s care.

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