Time spent in the company of the elephants passes by so quickly; if one of the shorter activities lasting an hour or two is not enough time, the Half Day, or Full Day elephant activities may be the ideal activity for you. These extended activities offer a more in-depth elephant experience to visitors wanting to join the elephants in their day-to-day activities, and be part of the team caring for them.

Half Day with the


DURATION: 6½ Hours
TIMES: 07h00 – 13h30



  • Meet the elephants as they come out their stables to greet the new day in the early morning light.
  • Join the Elephant Whispers’ herd for a unique elephant experience as they go about their daily activities.
  • Watch the elephants swim and roll around in the mud with great abandon.

Your morning with the elephant starts with Tembo, Shamwari, Ziziphus, Lindiwe and Andile ambling down the pathway in the morning light to meet you. After introductions and offering elephant cubes, enjoy the privilege of helping brush the elephants; a wonderful activity and great treat for the elephants. Experience morning exercises; learning how to gently interact with the elephants and witnessing the unique relationship the Elephant Handlers enjoy with each elephant.

Join the elephants for a typical elephant ramble; meandering down shady paths and enjoying regular stops for elephant breakfast feasting.

After hot beverages and fresh muffins on the deck overlooking the Sabie valley, join in the elephant activities until midday. End your elephant morning, weather permitting during the warmer summer months, with a picnic lunch at the deck while the elephants enjoy their swim in the dam.


Day with the


DURATION: 11 Hours




  • Become a welcome member of the Elephant Whispers’ herd for the day.
  • Observe the unique behaviour of the five gentle giants as they go about their daily routine.
  • A sundowner drink at the stables while the elephants settle for the night completes your elephant experience.

Experience the privilege of sharing an unforgettable day with five majestic African Elephants. Your day starts bright and early meeting the sleepy elephants; elephant introductions include lots of elephant treats, getting to know the elephants and how to gently work with them with their dedicated caregivers.

Visitors then have the option of ‘rolling up their sleeves’ and helping Cindy and Elizabeth who, each day, perfectly prepare the stables to ensure the elephants have a comfortable night’s sleep. The balance of the day is spent with the elephants while they carry out their daily activities, enjoying relaxing rambles through the bush with regular stops for elephant feasting.

Weather permitting, enjoy watching the elephants delight in their favourite activity; enjoying their mud bath and swim. A sundowner drink at the stables while the elephants settle for the night completes a magical day.

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