Investing in Our FUTURE

For many people, the African Elephant is a mythical symbol of power and wisdom. Yet for many subsistence and commercial farmers in Southern Africa, elephants are seen as dangerous crop raiders, who regularly destroy their entire livelihood in just a few hours.

A hundred years ago, elephants roamed across most of the African continent, however with the human population explosion, and the increase in land used for agriculture, elephants have been deprived of large portions of their natural habitat. This has led to human-elephant conflict in competition for living space and for food. People in these areas often consider elephants to be the enemy, not to be protected, but rather to be destroyed. The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, who will influence and shape policy affecting wildlife, which will ultimately lead to the African Elephant’s survival or to their demise.

Elephant Whispers is committed to educating the youth on the plight of these gentle giants, and to introduce ways in which humans and elephants can live in peaceful co-existence. We have hosted many school groups at Elephant Whispers, and have been encouraged to see fear turning to respect, and lack of knowledge into intelligent, thought-provoking suggestions.

The Elephant Whispers elephants are fulfilling an essential function as wildlife ambassadors for their own kind. We believe they will make a positive contribution towards empowering our country’s future teachers, future parents and the leaders of tomorrow to ensure the long term sustainable future of elephants in Africa.