Question & Answer Jokes for A GIANT LAUGH
Q How do elephants talk to each other long distance? A On the elephone!
Q What do you do when you find a blue elephant? A Cheer her up!
Q What time is it when you find an elephant in your car? A Time to get a new car!
Q How do you know if there’s an elephant under your bed? A Your head hits the ceiling
Q What time is it when 10 elephants are chasing you? A Ten to one!
Q How do you stop an elephant from charging? A Take away her credit card!
Q What do you get when you cross an elephant and a fish? A Swimming trunks!
Q What’s an elephant’s favourite vegetable? A Squash!
Q Why are elephants so poor? A Because they work for peanuts!
Q What is the biggest ant in the world? A An elephant!
Q What does a doctor give an elephant who’s going to be sick? A Plenty of room!
Q What’s big and grey and protects you from the rain? A An umbrellaphant!
Q What do you do with a green elephant? A Wait till it ripens!
Q How do you get down off an elephant? A You don’t, you get down off a duck!
Q What game do you NOT want to play with an elephant? A Squash!
Q What do you do when you see an elephant with a basketball? A You get out of the way!
Q How do you know if there is a elephant in your refrigerator? A The door won’t shut!
Q How do you know if there is a elephant in your refrigerator? A Look for footprints in the pizza!
Q How do you raise a baby elephant? A With a fork lift!
Q Why are elephants so wrinkled A They take too long to iron!
Q What is gray and blue and very big? A An elephant holding it’s breath!
Q What time is it when an elephant sits on your watch? A Time to get a new watch!
Q Why did the elephant wear green sneakers? A Her red ones were in the wash!
Q What happened to the elephant who ran away with the circus? A The police made him bring it back!
Q Why do you call an elephant in a phone booth? A Stuck!
Our Favourite Elephant POEMS AND RHYMES

Did you know that the word ELEPHANT comes from the Greek word ‘elephos’ which means ivory.

by Barbara Juster Esbenson

The word is too heavy
to lift…


He must have invented it himself.

This is a lumbering
gray word the ears of it
are huge and flap like loose
wings a word with
wrinkled knees and toes
like boxing gloves…

by Laura E Richards

Once there was an elephant
Who tried to use the telephant-
No! No! I mean an elephone
Who tried to use the telephone-
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I’ve got it right)

Howe’er it was, he got his trunk
Entangled in the telephunk,
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee-
(I fear I’d better drop the song
Of elephop and telephong!)

And of course, no elephant collection is complete without our favourite nursery rhymes

The elephant came with his TRUNK one day
The animals said ‘UNPACK and STAY’
The Elephant Laughed & laughed & LAUGHED and said:
‘I can’t, my TRUNK is part of my head’

An elephant walks like this and that,
He’s terribly tall and terribly fat.
He has no fingers, he has no toes,
But goodness gracious, what a nose!



  • Make a big first impression
  • Don’t work for peanuts
  • Be all ears
  • Know when to put your foot down
  • Be gentle, no matter your size
  • Have big ideas
  • Charge ahead

From Ellie Calves to Ellie Adolescents ELEPHANT READING FOR EVERYONE
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    Series of books featuring delightful elephant characters.

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    By K. Jackson

    For over 50 years, families have treasured this wonderful tale about self-acceptance.

    By Mina Javaherbin

    Through exploring the elephant’s incredible body, we are gently reminded that our own lives are enriched when we open our world to other people’s perspectives.

    By Nick Greaves

    Traditional African fables about elephant combined with interesting pachyderm facts make this a great read.

    By Bobbie Katman

    Despite their great strength, elephant are cautious creatures that use their power to defend, not to attack unless provoked. Learn interesting facts about these gentle giants.

    By Mary Ellis

    A touching novel set in Africa about a child with a special relationship with elephants.

    By Gail Gibbons

    Gail Gibbons presents interesting facts about these gentle animals, describing elephant behaviour, habitats, family interaction and feeding.

    By John Schindel

    Beautiful photographs of African elephants paired with rhyming action verbs. Young children will delight in seeing elephants romp, stomp, stretch, step, splash and dash.

    By Matthew Harper

    An interesting and informative
    book about elephant including facts, trivia and a fun quiz and beautiful images of elephant.

    By Lawrence Anthony

    A wonderfully moving account of one man’s race, against all odds to save a herd of elephants. A must-read for adolescents and their parents,
    who will also love it.