Our Remarkable Team of ELEPHANT MINDERS

The Elephant Whispers Team salute the bighearted residents of Hazyview who give us a helping hand to care for our elephants. We appreciate the generous farmers who donate food, the youngsters in the area who grow vegetables and proudly deliver their produce to feed the elephants, the local medical services and people who care for our team, and the many accommodation venues, restaurants and Info Offices who recommend our activities.

The Hazyview Town, the Elephant Whispers elephant handlers, admin team, support staff and security personnel are all an integral part of the Elephant Whispers Team who have truly made a difference in the elephant’s lives.

Mutual Trust & Respect

This was easily the highlight our recent tour of South Africa, we did some very amazing things during our two week trip, but seeing these magnificent beasts so close up made us feel so humble. They were so gentle and enjoyed the interaction with humans (made better by the food that they obviously enjoyed); it was clear that they regarded their handlers as their family and vice versa. The relationship between both was special to behold and we will never forget it! Keep up the good work Elephant Whispers and thank you for allowing us to share it.



The Elephant Whispers Team appreciate what an exceptional privilege and honour it is to care for Tembo, Shamwari, Ziziphus, Andile and Lindiwe. They are passionately dedicated to their charges, spending hours every day keeping the elephants company, accompanying them on long walks and ensuring their well-being.

The reward for looking after the elephants is the gift of spending time with these incredible animals, developing deep bonds and working together in absolute harmony. The immense job satisfaction gained is sharing the wealth of elephant knowledge with guests who experience life-changing moments when they meet these remarkable creatures. The team work hard to translate this into an understanding of the need for long term sustainable wildlife conservation in general, and elephant protection in particular.



Elizabeth and Cindy’s mammoth task is to ensure the elephant’s night stables are spick-and-span so that they have comfortable elephant beds to rest peacefully. These two amazing ladies have done this for just over 11 years. When they take a tea break, Cindy and Elizabeth crochet cute little elephants to raise money to buy wool to make elephant baby blankets and beanie hats for local disadvantaged families.

Elizabeth and Cindy take the overnight left-over foliage and elephant dung from the stables to the compost production area, where they are used to make a high-quality compost which is donated to local orphanages for their vegetable gardens.


Feeding five African Elephants who eat for approximately 18 hours per day requires a physically strong team, two pick-up trucks and a busy tractor. Cultivating Bhana Grass and collecting food from generous local farmers is a huge task that is done, without fail on a daily basis to ensure happy healthy well-fed elephants.

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